Directed Numbers EP

I’ve just uploaded another quick EP to the Free Music Archive. It’s called Directed Numbers and it’s a kinda noise EP. Enjoy!

Real-time EP?

I was trying something there a few weeks ago which I hope to get back to shortly after I finish some soundtrack stuff for Danny Cooke’s new documentary which will be finished soon. I was doing a bit of a real-time EP, putting up the mixes of new tracks I was working on every day. I’m very open to comment on any of the tracks as I put em up especially because I’ll try to implement any good changes suggested and add a credit for each good suggestion. I’ve been putting up the mixes on soundcloud and the finished products on the Free Music Archive. You can hear the results so far here:

Ourglass EP

Here’s an EP made from the takes and out-takes from Danny Cooke’s wonderful Ourglass documentary.

And here’s the documentary the music was used in:

I’ll be there in ten minutes

Here’s a piece of music I did quite a while ago… it’s called “I’ll be there in ten minutes” and it’s for drum kit and computer. It was performed at the Soundings night at the now very very regrettably closed Daghda Space. due to funding cuts The space had its farewell day of events on Saturday and it’s just mad to think that such a great spot is no longer open.