Stand and Absorb

A preview about the HWCH Festival on a music blog mentioning me caught my eye. I made a song using a phrase from the review as the name. It takes 2 hrs. Upload it, send it around and on to that same music blog. Next day, it’s blogged about. That’s the internet circle of life, my friends.

Stand and absorb by junior85

Making music live with lots of different things

This is a song which I made especially for the Community Of Independents gig in Whelan’s, Dublin on 6th September 2011. The song is made completely live using X-station, Electro Timbales and guitar pedals.

The song is available here:

Community Of Independents:


Guitar Pedal Skratch

A bit of an experiment I’ve been messing around with for a while and which kinda featured on the track Glock7 off the GlockEPspiel EP. It’s the sound of vinyl scratching, but made with guitar pedals. Why? Who knows. This is done using the live setup I use of 10 guitar pedals, mixing desk, Novation X Station and Electro-Timbales. Everything was first played into a loop pedals then started to mess around with it. It’s all live, more or less. It probably sounds like a 6yr old trying to scratch, but it’s more proof of concept than anything!

Julyskratch1 – scratching with guitar pedals by junior85