I’m a musician and composer from Galway, Ireland. I have also played drums
for So Cow, Meljoann, Damo Suzuki, Vince Mack Mahon, Seamus Fogarty,
Local LivingGuy, Laura Sheeran, Viking Moses, Imogen Gunner.
In February 2009 I decided to try to create a new EP to release every week,
some of which has been featured on An Taobh Tuathail radio show on RnaG.
The five of these are: “Sleepy EP” (Feb 09), “now it’s for everyone/now
it’s for noone EP” (Feb 09), “Wiiiiiiiiiiide Awake EP” (March 09), “As
It Happens pts 1-5” (April 09) and “i am leaving home EP” (April 09)
just before heading to America for 2 months.
Further releases: “Remixes-ish EP” (Feb 2010),”Sleep Music EP” (Feb 2010),
“Stance Gives You Balance EP” (August 2010). A full length album was released
on Psychometric Records in July 2010. I’m intending to keep releasing as many
EPs as I can on a regular basis.
Some past gig info: I’ve had music featured at: E+VA Festival, Vox
Novus 60×60 International Project, Soundings @ Daghda Arts Space
Limerick, EAR Festival, Sonorities Festival @ Queens, CMC New Music
Festival, Cortona Contemporary Music Festival. I’ve also solo
supported Steven Stapleton (Nurse With Wound), KK Null, Chequerboard,
Cane 141 and lots of other folks at Stress!!. Drumming with other
folks I’ve supported Deerhoof, Dan le sac vs Scroobius Pip, Maximo
Park, Richmond Fontaine, Mark Eitzel, Frightened Rabbit, Die Die Die.