New Studio

I’ve moved into a new studio at Galway Rehearsal Studios. I’m practically living there. Great stuff altogether. Dott also recorded their upcoming album there too. Here’s when I moved in:

Busy summer!

I think I’d intended to release a new album this summer, but a lot of other things took over instead for the summer.

I had another collaboration with Danny Cooke for a short doc about Kurt Perschke’s Redball project touring around the UK. You can watch it here:

Kurt Perschke’s RedBall UK from Danny Cooke on Vimeo.

My band Dott have also been ridiculously busy over the summer, playing at festivals and just generally all over the shop. Here’s us at Electric Picnic!
Dott at Electric Picnic


“Ray: A Life Underwater” on Channel 4

Very good news today in that “Ray: A Life Underwater” is going to be shown on Channel 4 on Sept 5th as part of a new series of short documentaries. Great stuff!

Ray a life underwater on channel 4