Soundtrack to new Danny Cooke documentary – OurGlass

I’m very proud to present to you the latest work by Danny Cooke which I collaborated with him on. It features music by me and by Hogan Grip (myself and Declan Kelly).This is the second collaboration I’ve done with him, the first being his wonderful video about Dave Smith, a reverse glass sign-maker.

Danny works with speed, precision and high attention to detail, attributes which I admire very highly. The results he achieves in a very short space of time are extremely impressive. Once again in this video he has created a piece which gives not only an insight into the work of some master craftsmen and women, but also into their lives, motivations, what drives them. It has to be said also that the subjectts themselves are extremely worthy of such treatment – they have fashioned for themselves this vision and openly share it with their community in their workshop which can be visited by anyone wishing to observe them at work.

The music used for this documentary is a mix. It has some original pieces of mine, some pieces created specifically for this documentary and some pieces from the album I made with Declan Kelly under the name of Hogan Grip. This is a list of the tracks used in the order they appear in the film for anyone who is interested in checking them out. The new pieces will appear on an new album within the next two weeks or so. A lot of the material is available on the wonderful Free Music Archive.

OurGlass Soundtrack:

1. “Interlude – Diagonal Stance” [extended version]

from the Hogan Grip album “Stance Gives You Balance”

2. “danextra1”, new piece coming soon

3. “To Henry Picard – An Outstanding Teacher, An Outstanding Player And An Outstanding Man” [extended version]

from the Hogan Grip album “Stance Gives You Balance”

4. “Birdsong”

from the “Sleep Music” album

5. “Reading The Greens” [extended version]

from the Hogan Grip album “Stance Gives You Extended Balance”

6. “25 Dan b4 E, in C”, new piece coming soon

7. “Iron Shots (For Accuracy)”

from the Hogan Grip album “Stance Gives You Balance”

8. “hhhh6”, new piece coming soon

9. “As Fast As You Can Happen”

from the “Sleep Music” album

10. “Stance Gives You Power”

from the Hogan Grip album “Stance Gives You Balance”

I sincerly hope you’ll enjoy this wonderful new documentary!

Sleep Music

This music was made as part of a commission to create music utilising binaural beats. Each of these tracks are designed to bring brain activity gradually down to the level of deep relaxation.