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When things get complicated, give yourself some (work)space - Revolgy Google Workspace campaign

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Last December, I had the opportunity to create some music for a Google Workspace campaign by Revolgy, a Czech cloud solutions company. It was a collaboration with the creative agency Brain One and video production company Bumerang Film.

The premise of the campaign was based on what the Czechs call an "impossible machine". I'd always known them as Rube Goldberg machines - these daft chain reaction contraptions with endlessly complicated interlinked devices. The point of the campaign being, why make something complicated when it doesn't need to be!

We tried out a couple of different directions before settling on one based on contraption sounds, in keeping with the clanking and thudding that you'd probably hear if you were in the same room as the impossible machine. I'd previously created an EP using found percussion like rattling coins, clattered woks, and slammed windows mixed with clarinets, bells, and bowed acoustic guitars. I used this as a starting point and made it a bit more epic with layers of strings, timpani, glockenspiel, and a few subtle synth sounds.

The campaign is currently still running as far as I know, and the video is also available on the Revolgy youtube channel in all its glory for you to enjoy with lots of other great cloud content.

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