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Tyrell Test - A running theme became a Blade Runner theme

"Indulge me."

Tyrell Test, a new song by Tony Higgins.

Last summer, I had a bit of a running theme going with naming songs after the main synth I used on them. On my track Eskay Ten, it was the Yamaha SK-10. On this particular track, it was U-he's fantastic TyrellN6.

The running theme also became a Blade Runner theme. This synth's name is a combination of Eldon Tyrell, founder of the Tyrell Corporation, and the N6 (or Nexus 6) replicants who were the pinnacle of android technology/rebelling robot slaves in the film.

The name of this synth always makes me think of the scene where Deckard meets Tyrell (and Rachael) for the first time and the enigmatic Tyrell asks him to demonstrate the Voight-Kamff test.

Tyrell asks him to see what a negative test looks like before he provides him with a positive.

What's that gonna prove, Deckard asks.

"...Indulge me", he replies.

Tyrell Test was premiered on An Taobh Tuathail last August. You can also listen to it here:

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