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SEO and my link to a past Metrópolis

I've recently started working as a Knowledge Base Writer at Wix, and one of the topics I'll be writing about in this new role is SEO.

I don't have much experience of it from my past work, apart from dabbling a bit with Google Analytics and Google Search Console. So, I've been reading a lot of articles, watching lots of tutorial videos, and trying out lots of the techniques I learn about on the sites that I've built recently (including this one).

Something nice that's come out of working more with Google Search Console has been finding all of the places that linked to my site in the past.

Most of them had used my music to soundtrack something. I can find them because they included a link to this site when they added attribution info to their videos. Sadly, these are all too rare instances of people correctly crediting me according to the CC licenses I use for my music!

A lot of them I would have stumbled across over the years and forgotten about. There's been a mix of happy remembering of very creative usage of my music in some beautiful videos, and the odd not-so-happy moment of "Oh... that one. Yeesh."

For the most part, though, it's been very nice to go back through some of these collaborations I've done in the past, a lot of them unintended due to the Attribution-NonCommercial-Sharealike license I use. Over the next few weeks, I'm hoping to share a few of the most interesting ones that I rediscovered and hadn't previously written about.

One in particular that was really nice to rediscover was my music in a segment for the Brazilian arts programme, Metrópolis.

One of the most popular arts programmes in Brazil, Metrópolis is a daily show dedicated to arts, culture, music, cinema, theatre, and fashion. It's been running since 1988, starting in a time period when "there were almost no talk shows, no cable TV, no internet."

The story of how my music got used in one of their segments started as a lot of my collaborations do - through an email via the Free Music Archive. A journalist from the show got in touch and explained how they found my music. They also explained the segment about urban art that they wanted to use my music on.

It hit a lot of the marks that were important to me about CC music at the time - not-for-profit educational content created for a free-to-air channel dedicated to culture.

If you'd like to check it out, the segment featuring two pieces of my music starts at 21:42 below.


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